Monday, 2 April 2012

 Aidid , I want you all what I read I write. " I just love you right. No you at my side, I feel lonely. You're the only one makes me feel calm and complete. No you, no anything. You love me heartily? I more easily if you are honest with me, do you honestly live with me? Do not go at will this hurt you. I will always be there for you, so if you're willing to love me for life. If you find other people more perfect for you, leave me without a note. leave me without saying sweet words. we often meet in the school, we always laugh together, we always shed tears together, we often speak of touching the soul. we always together, you're willing to release the memories Do it? I did not want to :(
I will do best for you and for us as well. I do not disintegrate right heart can? I will believe you as long as I can.  since 20 oct 2011 till now we are together, it is 5 months. Posted April month we will be 6 months. I am very happy with you, never lost a love close to you. Do not go right when we build broken this relationship. pleaseeee :'/ I just want you to know what I feel now, I kept silent all these years, right? I always fear you not at my side, I was nervous, worried and so biy. do not you feel it? why I always wanted to see you? I fear you have no meaning for me anymore, I do not want, I want you mean to me dear. hmmm :'/now you heart exams for the future as well, right? so i want you study hard for us both and your family. I do not want to see the result you how badly test in March.  "

Guys , sorry lah kalau English eany teruk , ini semua untuk kau Aidid :'/ Aidid , i  tak nak tengok result biy yang sekarang ni , teruk sangat tahu tak ? i nak ujian akan datang Tak ada failed , D and C okay ? selagi result aidid tak okay , selagi tu eany tak kasi aidid Active fb balik okay ?