Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Assalamualaikum readers ,selamat datang ke blog Adinda omeyy . lol aku bahagia dengan hidup sekarang . exam pun dah habis kan , you should said Hurayy . lol . i feel freedom in this week . next week , me and farisha nak pi tengok wayang dekat klcc . eh takkan aku dengan dia ja kut ? mesti lah ada body guard si Muhammad Aidid Haiqal ni :* lol , tu pun kalau jadi lah .

Muhammad Aidid Haiqal Bin Ismail -

 I hope our relationship will remain until the end of life. I would be happy if you were happy.
If you find other people, just tell me. do not hide all that. right pain if you're not satisfied me, I also do not get sick right heart you. I will accept you as they are, you have stolen my heart with the depth. I wish you the best for me. Thank you for willing to accompany me as we together .

i spend times with you if I alone. I will always make you happy. where you are, there also I will be. must accept the fate life has always, always cry no meaning for us. Do not give up easily, time elapsed, do not remember right on. all that carry the disease. 

will you come home, ask the blessing of mom and dad then we marry? *takboleh bayang kan kalau kita kahwin* lol , someday , kau suka sangat " make me angry " , you think it was all funny? ohh no no no , impossible kalau semua tu Lucu k ~ one day, I'll be your angel. You like it? If we have children, our children must be cute, right? like mother like father , confirm anak kita handsome and comel *wuwuuu* jauh nya aku berangan , layan :p