Lover's ,
Monday, 8 October 2012

Assalamualaikum to Muslim , and Hallo to Non-Muslim . I miss the old you , the old me , the old our memories with friends , family and you . Now , i'm happy with my lovely friend's " Farisha , Shahira , Ain , Asna , Alifah , Shada , Rose , Arrysa , Syasya , Hanim , Dhiyaul and Irfan " . Thank you for be my friends , i will be your forever oneday , InsyaAllah .

me with Lover's ♡

yeah , that's my boy , my lovely friend , my strangers , my enemies , my hearts and my Honeyboo ♡ when we first met , i honestly had no idea that you would be so important to me , some times i'm scared you will forget me again .I can make everyone believe that i don't love you , but i find it so difficult to convice myself that it's true . Today i miss you a lot more than usual  . Maybe it's because i am overThinking things again or because i realize how much longer i have to wait until i finally get to hold you in my arms . But i know that the moment , i first see you , i know it will be perfect . Nothing could ever compare to that moment  , that is what i think about when i get like this . i never forget this date : 21072012 and 03082012 . now , me and you 2 months together , so i hope this relationship will be longer . I will love you :')

with bestfriend's ;)

You know the moment when some of your friends just decides to leave you ? In stead of thinking " I'm not good enough " you should think " i'm too good for them " .  Real friend's don't get offended when you insult them . They smile and call you something even more offensive . Stop hoping , stop crying , stop laugh , stop being a selfish . because i will be with you forever :*

-Sincerely from me-