Stay strong
Saturday, 10 November 2012

Assalamualaikum & Hello ;)

*yawn* i already miss my blog .  should i shared story to you all ? maybe yes maybe no , urghh . this year so bad actually for me .  i miss my school & friends . 24-27 my family want going to Taman Negara , 25 dicember my family want going to bangkok , but this year i don't want to going anywhere , i just want rest rest rest rest and EAT . yeah it's so bad for healthy . hmmmm i love food . what ? same with you ? urrghh go away ! lols . actually i'm bored for this month and years , i feel i wanna  kill everyone , yeah everyone . ha ha ha ha *evil laugh*

3 months 1 week 1 day we still together , Alhamdulillah . i know it's hard for our relationship , so many problem we must handle and untill now we still fight for no reason . i know , all my fault . sorry not enough ? oh k . i understand because not the first time i said " we better break & just friends "  . can i call you " honeyboo " ? for the last time ? hmmm .i don't know how long this relationship . i don't know how much you love me , care me , thinking about me & miss me . can i ask you for one question ? " why you still want with me ? " please answer . hmmm don't give me answer like this "  i still want with you because i love the way you are , i just love you , everyday i'm thinking about you & bla bla bla "  why ? because that answer so many boy use . if you still want answer like another boy , i wanna kill you . haha just joke . but i'm serious . lols .

for the first time we meet at 23.07.2012 . i miss that day , forever . actually i 'm waiting you from standard 6 , hahahaha i don't know why i don't want accept you last year , now you're mine . InsyaAllah forever :') i will take care of you . I'm not sure next year i would change school or not , hmm if i change school for next year , i will miss you . if not , i'm happy  ! hahahha lols .

-Sincerely from me-